[1.1.15b basic] blocks entire wlan connection after switching the network

I’m using glasswire on my laptop and switch from work network to home network every day. My firewall is on “ask to connect”. Everytime when i start on the other network the connection is blocked completely. It seems that it is blocked until glasswire scans the entire network. so every time when i switch to the other network it scans everything again? Why not save the network details and scan in background only if something changed? Or maybe there is a other problem?

So when you join the new network your network activity is completely unavailable? Have you tried this on another computer without GlassWire and is the delay similar or no?

How long does it take before you can connect? Do you have to make any changes to GlassWire?

What types of networks are you joining, is it WiFi or Ethernet? We’ll try to recreate this.

It seems to work now… If I encounter the issue again, i will report it here…

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