[1.1.15b basic] don't shows which application uses mic

Sometimes i get a microphone usage alert but glasswire don’t shows which application. It only says: “The application has activated the “Realtek…” mic”

Please confirm what Windows version you are using. Is the alert just delayed or does it never appear at all? I remember you were getting some other delayed alerts earlier I think?

I think this is meant for someone else.



Windows 8.1 64bit

The delayed alerts was not me :smile:

I got an alert but it don’t shows which application uses the mic. Please look at this secreenshot:

If you check the alert now has it updated to show the app name, or is it still blank like this? Did you know which app accessed the mic at the time by chance?

No don’t has updated. Still without name. I have the same issue with the cam alert:

No, I don’t know which application it is…

Thanks. We will discuss this and see if we can figure out what’s going on.

I have the same problem, BTW, with both camera and microphone. The alert shows no application both when it pops up as well as when I go to the list of alerts afterwards.

I can confirm that we found this bug and our next update will fix this.

has this been fixed? I looked at the list of fixes in the updates and didn’t see this issue addressed specifically. I am seeing Microphone usage alerts and it looks like the Windows process server host is the program but I can’t get enough information to track it back to a process, task or ?? Is there a way to use GlassWire in conjunction with another tool like ProcMon from Sysinternals?
If the alert could capture more info are if a log were available…


What Windows OS version are you using? If you run Windows Update does it solve the problem?

I am using Windows 8.1 and I run windows update nearly every day.
I allow automatic downloads and apply manually, I get a new Windows Defender definition every day, so I am usually pretty much up to date.
Thanks again…

Since running Windows update did you try using the Mic again? Did it help? Sorry for the problem.