1.2.61b+ Notification problems (Unresolved)

The original issue has occurred again. It happened after I unchecked Settings | Client | “Enable tray notifications”:

There are no alerts to clear on the current system or any monitored remote system, yet the icon still shows there are:

The only other change today was to deactivate and activate with a new Elite key.

Further to this issue, I received a new alert and cleared it but there is no change to the icon.

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On my second computer, I confirmed that the problem occurs after I unchecked Settings | Client | “Enable tray notifications”.

The notification area icon displays the current alert count at the time I changed the setting. But what was different is that the taskbar icon also displays the alert count even though the alerts have been cleared.

But what is really strange is that the notification area icon on my first computer has changed from showing “9+” to “2” which is the same count as the second computer. :open_mouth:

I didn’t notice when it occurred, either at the time I changed the settings or when I reactivated GlassWire with the new Elite key.

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Finally, toggling Enable Tray Notifications on cleared the alert counts in the icons. So toggling it back off means I now have no alert count on any icons.

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Thanks for your report. We’ll see if we can reproduce this on our end.

The count is back on the notification area icon. It looks like the alerts are counted and incorrectly added to the notification area icon even though “Enable tray notifications” is off. But they are correctly not removed because they shouldn’t have been added in the first place.

Another way to clear the count is to Exit GlassWire and restart.

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Just now I got an alert that wasn’t added to the icon so it is possible that some get counted and others don’t. It was probably an Idle time alert - I didn’t read it before I cleared the alert so I can’t be certain.

The icon didn’t change for 3 days despite many alerts. I changed networks today and the count is back on the icon after “Internet access changed” a couple of times producing 14 alerts.

I’m still getting the problem on the latest beta 1.2.79 where with notifications turned off the icon count increases and doesn’t clear when I clear the notifications.


We can’t recreate this, and our QA person can’t either. I hate to ask this, but did you try a clean install to see if that solves it? It’s so strange, maybe something got corrupted at one point?

I have clean installed Windows 10 Home (v1607 Anniversary Update) onto a reformatted drive so GlassWire was completely nuked. I then installed GlassWire and the problem recurred immediately.

The GlassWire icon has been blurred almost the whole time since the install. From memory, this is a windows icon caching issue. I mention it because it might be related. If I get time I’ll have a look at that issue too.

Is there anything unusual about your PC that could help us recreate those things? Sorry if I asked this before. We will keep trying to recreate/fix it.

The problem doesn’t go away because I have Windows set to save my settings automatically across multiple computers:

Then the reason you can’t reproduce the problem is probably because my Windows notification settings are different than the defaults or different than yours. Here’s mine. Maybe it is that GlassWire is turned off for notifications but it is overridden by showing all icons:
Settings > Personalization > TaskBar

Settings > Personalization > TaskBar > Notification Area > Select which icons appear on the taskbar


Thanks, we will try these settings. I myself have my Taskbar set up to show all my icons also, so it may not be related to that but perhaps another one of the settings can let us recreate this problem.