1.2.62b Graph tab slider settings

In the Graph tab, 5 Minutes view, the default slider position sets the view to a shorter time period of 1 minute. This is the only one of the six views (Year, Month, Week, 24 Hours, 3 Hours, 5 Minutes) that has this behavior where the sliders are not set to the full time period.

I should be able to get consistent behavior in all six views. So if want to have a five minute view then I should be able to permanently show 5 minutes. What actually happens is that the slider settings are lost any time I temporarily switch to another view.

There are two issues:

1. The 5 Minutes view should be able to be manually set to permanently show 5 minutes instead of the default 1 minute.

2. I would prefer all sliders to remain set once I change them.

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Thanks for your report. We’ll discuss and see how we can improve.