131 to 200 devices on my network? [Solved]

So I’ve noticed that this seems to be a pretty normal little issue and for the most part I understand it. I’m getting a mixture here of unknown devices and Arris/Techncolor devices. I have my own modem so I find it hard to believe that it’s either my PC or the modem is just communicating with my ISP and I don’t have that many devices surely. I did some testing and my network claims to be secure, so is Glasswire just being over sensitive or something? my modem shows nothing.

Never mind I think I fixed it. Just switched to a new router and poof only my devices, unless of course the scan go’s crazy again.

I saw that you fixed it but, for the record, that doesn’t sound like a normal issue. When people say they have many unknown devices they usually about 10, like this user, not 100.

Normally each device has one MAC address and one IP address that are not shared with any other devices. In other words, each device should not have the same address as any other device. Was that the case?

The GlassWire team usually asks the following questions:

  • Have you just installed GlassWire and not rebooted your PC? If so then reboot to see if that fixes it.

  • If you press the Scan button does it still show that many devices?

Ultimately It was me not doing enough research really before worrying, either way It dawned on me that I was using an un-managed switch…Derp. Once I swapped that out and set up an older one I had my device list is back to normal. It’s not as fast of a switch but at least half my neighborhood isn’t on my network anymore.

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