2.0 popups WAY too large

can someone get those damn large popups back to the size and design before?


We’re getting ready to add more data/options to those windows, so that’s why the size is larger. Perhaps once the new options/info is available it will help explain the size. Thanks for your feedback.

okay. I just thought that it was part of that totally stupid “modern design” junk where way too much space is gonna be a thing.

but if more data is comming it would be awesome to select what is shown and possibly make the thing smaller if not so much is shown


Thanks, we’ll see what we can do on this.

that would be awesome, because on my Screen the new popups are really HUGE (at least last time, my PC needed rebuilding and my laptop also needed OS reinstall, so deactivation kinda immpossible I have to see whether I can install GW again on those.