3rd hop in chain dead zone no ip or anything

yeah ive been tryign too figure out how too get it address for the secondary router… i got this programme wtfast which displays all the hops in the chain befoer it get too the net but ther 3rd hop is adead zone it just not an ip address and not anything… its kidna odd… i found i have some kind software emulator componenet on my pc… that i cant seem too remove fromt he chain… i thnk thats what it is but i cannot find a way of removeing it

i belive im on a segmented network as i have my router which plugs into my fiber device…
if i can post photos i will get some up asap

i was gonna post some images but i think ill wait for suggestions… thanks for any advise on the issue

I’m not sure what this has to do with GlassWire.

it is common for internal routers in an ISP’s network to not identify thier IP addresses to external systems USUALLY as they are running with a private network address, eg 10.x.x.x
these addresses are AUTOMATICALLY blocked from the public internet.

It is unclear exactly what the original request was for. The original post talks about two things which are almost certain to be on the Internet side of the router and therefore invisible as far as GlassWire is concerned because they are not on the local segment with a private address:

  • the “adead zone” - Assuming that wtfast is performing a trace route, it is probably a device that is not acknowledging the packet within the timeout. Hence it dispays no IP address.
  • “the secondary router”. It might be the Internet gateway device, i.e. a DSL modem, cable modem or ONT. Typically these have a public address as the Internet gateway on the ISP network.

Then there is “some kind [of] software emulator componenet on my pc”. It’s not clear how this relates to the other devices mentioned as such a component is unlikely to appear as a “3rd hop”. It would normally have the PC IP address in any trace route.