3rd party firewall - antiviruses

Kaspersky prevent me of using glasswire fire wall… how i can overcome this problem…!!!

is there a way to let both apps (kaspersky and glasswire fire wall) work together???

I’d assume that after installing Kaspersky it disables the Windows Firewall service. So you’d probably have to disable the Kasper firewall, and re-enable WF for glasswire FW to work.

yes it worked glasswire is active now after disabling kaspersky firewall … but i do not want to stop all the features in kaspersky firewall … is there away i can let them both work …

From what I understand Kaspersky sends all data through itself. If you need GlassWire to access the network you can white list us here https://support.kaspersky.com/11444.

They may have a different version of their software that does not send all of your data through Kaspersky itself, so perhaps that could be an alternative option for you?

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