8-Month old Glasswire Elite code no longer works

Purchased a Glasswire Elite subscription on 7-18-21 and have activated it on less than 5 computers. I had to reformat my main gaming PC and apparently forgot to activate it when I reinstalled it, fast forward a few months and I just got the pop-up message to Upgrade Glasswire. So I searched my email, found my activation code email, copy/pasted the code into the Activate window but it keeps saying my code is invalid.

I have tried pasting it into a Notepad and entering it with and without the dashes, still same results.

Any help or suggestions? I know the code is correct, no firewall is blocking the application, and it hasn’t even been a year yet so if the code is no longer valid I will DEFINATELY not renew a subscription I never got to fully utilize.

Thanks in advance.


We had a temporary server issue this morning. I think it was the first time ever since 2014…

I apologize for the problem.

Can you exit GlassWire, then start it again, then try your code again?

Awesome, thank you Ken, that makes much more sense, I usually activate as soon as I install and thought it was odd I hadn’t done so with Glasswire, however I did not Exit that application while testing this morning and that seems to have done the trick, as soon as I reopened it the software is already activated. Thanks again for the prompt reply!

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I’m glad it’s working now! Sorry for the issue.

if anyone else is experiencing this problem please go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “exit” then start GlassWire again, then try activating again.

If you have the ability to pin/sticky threads or do an announcement, that may be worthwhile. :slight_smile:

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Hi had a problem with glasswire it deactivated and then it said the key was not valid then later I remembered I was behind a VPN so I turned it off and glasswire activated just fine so I learned that a VPN can cause problems