A button to add needed Windows 10 services

Hi how about an “extra” button to to add some more windows 10 (safe) services which are needed for windows to work?

I’m pretty sure some of the services listed on the screenshot shouldn’t be blocked if you want windows 10 to behave nicely. E.g. Local Security Authority Process should be needed I guess.
I had to look up some of them to find out if they are needed or not.


We do that already actually, and we agree with you!

If you look carefully at the screenshot you’ll see some items have a shield icon instead of a fire icon, and GlassWire cannot block those things. Otherwise you’ll have some issues. Look at “Antimalware” in the screenshot for example.


Thanks I saw that :slight_smile: I just think blocking e.g “Windows Defender Smartscreen” would be no good idea.

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Yes, it really doesn’t like that and it complains very noticeably!