A Couple Of Suggestions


Thank you for the great application. I have two suggestions:

  • dismiss a new activity notification balloon after user clicked on it (now it stays on)
  • add a vertical scroll bar to the “Usage/Hosts” list

Thank you,

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I’m unsure if Glasswire (still) still supports Windows XP, which I’m currently on, but even if it doesn’t, I think my suggestion will be appropriate…

I frequent PortableFreeware.com, so I have a vested interest in native application portability (generally meaning the ability to run without installation, and leaving no significant system traces after execution outside of in their private folder space, as well as in ‘%TEMP%’, if need be).

After all the excellent press Glasswire has gotten recently, I extracted and looked at its files (especially the ones that deal with the system driver it relies upon, mainly ‘GWDrvIns.cmd’, and those in the ‘driver’ folder). Most of it seems quite ready for being run portably – the driver on-demand install and removal could easily be solved via Windows console SC command (meaning "***>SC create gwdrv binpath= …*** " and “***>SC delete gwdrv***”; for further info, check http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb490995.aspx).

Finally, let me state that I love the looks of Glasswire and its simple unassuming functionality.


Hi all,
Thank you for the great application. I have one suggestion

  • add multi remote servers connections from one client.

Thx !

Thanks for the feedback. For the desktop notifications there should be a small x that appears at the right side that closes the box, or maybe I’m misunderstanding the suggestion.

We’ll look at portability and adding more remote connections.


A live graph of the network activity in the systray icon would be great too

I could get rid of NetWorx that way

Working on it. Thanks!