Ability to select multiple apps/delete?

I have found myself laboriously, painfully clearing my blocked app list. There is no way to select using shift and delete. Heck, clicking the x next to the app in the firewall list prompts a dialog box confirming the deletion - Enter key doesn’t work! So, it is 100% carpel tunnel inducing activity to delete all 200 blocked services/apps in the firewall list.

Please look into this. I find myself often clearing the blocked list. Why you may ask? Well, because the list gets insanely long when an app creates multiple instances to connect to the internet. About every couple of hours, I get a notification that NVidia container needs to connect. Need to send an email out to Jensen Huang about this. Why the hell does NVidia check for drivers every fricking 2 hours!? So, now I have about 30 instances of “NVidia Container” that I need remove. Please save my wrist. :slight_smile:


Older unused apps automatically file themselves at the bottom of the GlassWire firewall area in an “inactivate apps” area. If you give GlassWire enough time it will do this for you itself.

Maybe we can add a “clear all” button in the future or another easy way to clear out the Firewall list. Sorry for the problem.

That would be great! Thank you! :slight_smile:

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