About deleting known apps from the firewall tab

i 've been deleting dozens of known apps from the firewall tab in order to set a clean restart of rules . and i have been doing this for almost an hour. is it possible for your developers to add a batch deleting fucion to this tab? it is really painful to do this job because every time i delete a rule for an app i have to click the ‘X’ icon and click YES again.

Sorry for the problem. We’re working on some filtering options in the future.

Meanwhile, if you leave the apps there for awhile they will automatically be moved to a new menu of apps that were not used recently.

i have reinstall the firewall,and chose to “Clean install” it. now i have a clean firewall tab. Problem solved,somehow :joy:

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Sorry for the hassle. This is a common complaint and we’re working on some ways to solve it.