About popups after first install

When I first installed Glasswire it didn’t show any popup for the apps running, It gave them access to internet without my permission (ask to connect enable).

Is this an intended behaviour? Glasswire doesn’t protect you against app accessing to internet if these apps load in the system before Glasswire. This is my perception I hope I’m wrong.

How can I reset all the firewall rules so Glasswire will show me a popup for everysingle app trying to access internet?

Uninstall GlassWire then delete the “GlassWire” folder in the “ProgramData” folder, then reboot and reinstall and try again.

Do you use another software that is controlling the Windows firewall? If so that could be the reason for the problem.

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I have followed your instructions but still the behaviour is not secure.

When I installed it again it required activation, so the popup mode wasn’t enable and all the apps where able to access internet, after I activated the product and enable the popup mode, the popups start to appear but only for the new apps accessing to internet. I think that his behaviour is not secure and not well develop.
If I activate the popup mode is because I want to accept or not the access to ALL the apps to internet, not just the apps that appears after the glasswire loads in the system (It should have priority as any security app) on the system or after the popup mode is enable.
I hope you can fix behaviour soon.

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We have some limitations due to the APIs we use, but we’ll continue to try to improve this. We may also begin working on our own technology. Thanks!