About the incognito option

i think i find something intresting , when the incognito option is turned on, the net trafic meter will stop logging the net traffic and the firewall tab will not show any in-time net traffic inform of xxx k/s . is this how the incognito option working now or am i experencing some programe bug?

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That’s how it is supposed to work.
Incognito is for when you wanna access stuff you don’t want Glasswire to log.
When you turn it on, it stops logging income/outcome traffic until you turn it back off.


I just tested to be sure and confirmed that the XXX k/s does not appear under the firewall tab while in Incognito mode. It is not a bug.

if it is supposed to work like this, then, if I turn incognito on, will the traffic generated during this time not be logged on total network traffic meter in the usage tab? will this explain why sometimes the usage tab does not match the real traffic amount?

That is correct.
I’m guessing you wanted the amount of traffic made while in incognito mode logged but not the actual sources of that traffic (hostnames, IPs, etc), but that doesn’t work like that. You can make a suggestion for that, if that’s the case.


As it happens, I was just out of town for a week. When I first logged on from the remote location, I set Glasswire to Incognito because one of the main benefits I get from using it is the local traffic monitoring. Having returned, I just turned Incognito off. As expected, for the past week, Glasswire has recorded no traffic information.


I agree.

However, I just checked the https://www.glasswire.com/userguide/ (as in “RTFM”)

and it seems that incognito does indeed mean “don’t record history”

That definition of incognito - keeping your firewall display in th dark - seems ridiculous.

What I’d like it to be doing is to get the underlying firewall to drop inquisitive pings from the outside, maintaining only connections initiated by your own device. Maybe I should request that.

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