Access & History Management

We are trying to implement GW as our main security software. I am currently using GW for personal use, but wanted to find out whether the following is supported:

  1. Prevent users from uninstalling the software - Unfortunately, all domain authenticated users are set to be the local admin on their workstation due to the network software that requires this privilege.

  2. Keep a copy of history and detail on a cloud space so that when it gets uninstalled from the local workstation, we can still have access to the log.

Please advise.

Thank you in advance!

We recommend you use an antivirus as your main security software, but GlassWire is a helpful security addition to your PC that shows you what’s going on in detail over the network.

For preventing uninstallation of software there is a group policy with Windows: Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | Windows Components | Windows Installer
Disable Microsoft® Windows® Installer
set to Enabled - Always.

This policy should stop software from being uninstalled also.

For keeping a copy of history in the cloud, we have no cloud history but you can backup the history occasionally or view it remotely.