Access password is invalid

Cannot connect to remote host, every time there is a message “access password is invalid”.
But i’m sure the password is correct.
And another strange thing - if I set up client ip restriction, then while i’m tries to connect i’ve got the “server does not accept remote clients error”, but i’m sure ip is set correctly.

1.0.24 works just fine

Do you mean 1.0.25 works fine or are you having problems with that version? 1.0.25 is the most recent. Thanks for your report.

1.0.25 not working for me.

It’s hard to give feedback since every setup is different. We’re working on a new setup guide along with a new simpler way to connect in a future version.

I’ll ask the development team and see if they have some ideas that can help also.

The problem is that glasswire 1.0.25 does not allow to connect remotely because of a ‘bad password’ no matter what password i specified in settings. Version 1.2.24 works as expected.

I haven’t heard about this problem yet. We are working on an update that improves the remote monitoring feature so hopefully we can find this bug and fix it soon. We’re going to start having more updates more frequently again soon.

I also encountered the same problem.

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Having exactly the same problem - totally unable to use the remote connection functionality.

Do you mean that the remote password you type in doesn’t work, or that when you try to “unlock” GlassWire via your admin password to use this feature it doesn’t work? We should have an update out next week.

Hi Ken

The remote password that I enter on the monitoring host does not work.

On the host to be monitored, I unlock the remote access ability using an admin account password and set up to allow remote monitoring. I then set the remote monitoring password.

From the host doing the monitoring I enter the relevant details to connect to the host to be monitored and enter the password to connect to the host to be monitored. The connection is never established - I get a message that the password is incorrect.

I’ve tried several times in both directions. Confirmed all firewalls etc. in between are disabled. Both hosts are on the same local LAN subnet (private class C 192.168.0.x) at home.I’ve also attempted various passwords.

I attempted to telnet to port 7007 from host A to host B as well … there doesn’t;t seem to be any traffic/attempt to handshake etc. the terminal just sits there.

Hope this helps!

same issue, when attempting to connect to the remote server I get remote password is invalid, over and over. v1.0.25

I thought maybe you all had some port forwarding issues on your side but now I have confirmed that this is a bug in GlassWire itself that will be fixed in the next release. Thanks for reporting this so we could find and fix it.