Accuracy of the graph

Hello all,

I’m evaluating the free version right now and I am rather pleased with what I see. For example, GlassWire caught an AskToolbar that I did not know existed, despite considering myself a rather well-educated internet user.

One thing I’d like to understand is why the GlassWire graph does not seem to agree with any other bandwidth indicator on my system.

  • Steam downloading a game shows 82mb/s but GlassWire does not go above 50.
  • is doing the download test and showing 75mb/s but GlassWire does not go above 30.
  • Downloading an update for GuildWars and the speed is recorded as 80mb/s but GlassWire does not go over 40.

Is this something that is well understood if I knew how things worked, or is this something that perhaps I should chase after with GlassWire support ?

Perhaps these two posts will be helpful.

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