Activating glasswire

after entering the code to activate glasswire all it does is sit there and spin. I can’t turn it off , I can’t go to another tab. I can’t do anything but do a hard reboot . I go to the forum for help… browsing for a few minutes I think I find something helpful. Then I am blocked and I am told I need to sign up and afterwards it will bring me back to where I was. So I sign up, but does it bring me back to where I was? NO it does not. It takes me to some bot that gives me a welcome message for joining the forum. It is now an hour since I tried the second time to activate. I don’t have time for all this crap , I just want the program to work.


Sorry for the problem. Our activation is very simple and uses a normal https website connection. Since you’re also having trouble using our forum that is also a website https connection, perhaps there’s an https issue?

Do you use any third party software that causes problems with https connections? If so could you disable it temporarily to activate GlassWire?

If that’s not the problem please try this:

Uninstall GlassWire in add/remove programs.


Reinstall GlassWire’s latest version downloaded from using our “clean” install option. Now try to activate again. Did it work?

If not please email me your activation info so I can check it: