Activation Code Doesn't Fit In Field

After installing the latest upgrade, Glasswire was no longer activated. When I attempted to enter the activation code, the field would not allow all the digits to be entered (even with the dashes removed it was still one digit short).

I’ve uninstalled GW, rebooted, reinstalled, and still have the same problem.

Help please.

Do you use any third party software that interacts with the Windows user interface? If so could you disable it temporarily while activating?

If that does not work can you try uninstalling GlassWire again, rebooting (important!), then reinstalling with the “clean” option in the installer? Thanks and sorry for the problem.

Thanks for the reply, but chalk this one up mostly to user error. For some reason, I could not paste the code into the field, and when I typed it I got an extra digit which caused the problem.

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