Activation Glasswire

Voilà j’ai acheter il y a quelques temps le logiciel Glasswire qui d’ailleurs et très performant !

Le problème c’est que j’ai du formater ma machine il y a deux jours depuis impossible de réactiver mon problème avec ma licence recu par email :disappointed_relieved:.

Je voudrais savoir comment je peut résoudre ce problème SVP.

Traduction :

Here I buy there some time Glasswire software from elsewhere and very powerful!

The problem is that I have to format my machine there are two days not wake my problem with my license received by email :disappointed_relieved:.

I wonder how I can solve this problem please .

If you lost your license please email me and I’ll resend it.
Email our helpdesk here Please email me from the email address you used to buy the software. Thanks!

ok my email is send :blush:

I replied. If you didn’t see the email please check your spam folder.

it is not possible to activate the software because the key has already been used several recovery


Ah, I see your email. I’ll help now.