Activations Left and Removing Activations

I have a Glasswire Elite account. Is there someplace where I can keep track of my activations? I use several workstations, and at the place I work, systems are often recycled. Is there a control panel sort of thing which I can use to revoke activations and keep track of how many systems Glasswire is on?

Thank you!

If you want to click on my name and message me your code privately I can check it.

With our subscriptions we now have an intelligent system that should avoid any activation issues. We have no control panel to reset activations because we don’t track our users or force them to logon anywhere.

Please note if you do go to your top left menu and choose “deactivate” it releases your code from that machine for sure. But I do understand sometimes a Windows PC can crash unexpectedly and you can’t do that. In that case our smart system should figure it out though and not use your license.

i had a problem with my PC and had to clean install windows, and i couldn’t disable in windows.

For anyone who is ever experiencing activation issues, please email us at our “activation” email address on this page so we can quickly solve it. Thanks!

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