Ad blocking on Windows


Does Glassware include any capabilities for ad blocking on Windows?

It for a work PC, that blocks browser extensions… yet I can install software! (Ridiculous, I know)

No, we don’t block ads currently. I think there is other software out there for the full Windows OS that blocks ads though.

Its much better that we see integration of pihole like service with Glasswire to stop such ads

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Yes, Piehole is cool! I think it must be implemented at the router though, so it can’t help this guy.

I once heard of an app “StopAd IO” or something that’s an installed app, so maybe @Kelv1n can do a Google search for that app. I have not tried it myself so I don’t want to link to it or recommend it.

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Great suggestion, thanks Ken.

It would be good, to see this built into Glasswire though… relying upon an external service (even if self-hosted) has a lot of drawbacks. For example, my work forces the usage of internal DNS servers, also it has a strong preference to an alway-on VPN (so even when off-site or at home, I’m still forced to use them)

If its built into an app that just monitors the Windows network stack, then it is self contained…

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All it takes is to buy a Rasberry-Pi, install Pi-Hole, and insert it in your DNS route.

Occasionally, I have to disable Pi-Hole to get to a source that insists on going through a tracking service.

It doesn’t happen very often.

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