Add a switch for controlling forbid only incoming or outgoing traffic

Dear GlassWire.
I suggest glasswire to add a new paid feature. A switch for controlling the incoming or outgoing traffic for each application in firewall rules. You can cut down the outgoing traffic of a particular application by just clicking the button, while the application continue to download data from internet.

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Great ideas. I’m not sure if it’s possible to do this with the Windows Firewall API or not, but we will investigate.

Why is this a great idea? I’m no expert on the protocols but my understanding is that there is little unnecessary traffic particularly with stateless protocols like http. So what real-world problem does this resolve?

I’m concerned that there are many far more useful feature requests that shouldn’t be delayed for a feature like this.

I think this idea is related to this one, unless I am misunderstanding something.
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You don’t understanding the circumstance in China. I found some application for http/ED2K/magnet download which is legal, it will continue upload some data although I didn’t run it. I even don’t know what it is uploading.
So I need this feature.

Yes, it is related but still has some difference. The feature I talked about is more simply than this one.
I just want to block the outgoing traffic other than limiting the bandwidth should need you to adjust the threshold.

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