Add "unlimited data hours" option in a configuration

Can you add a feature for some mobile unlimited data plan like “cerntain hours of a day are unlimited data” let me explain to you guys: my actually plan its like 20Gb per mounth, and social apps unlimited, but it has a plus, like “nights dont count the mobile data”, 10pm to 7am its unlimited data, i would like to configure that rule in future,because with the actual rules on your app I exceed the 20Gb data a mounth, and please add a speed test section to leave the rest of apps, cheers from Mexico.


I had a relative who had a similar system with satellite Internet. It was very frustrating! They could use the Internet unlimited from midnight to 4AM, but during the day they were limited. They would have to only do Windows Updates, etc… during this window of time.

We have had others ask for a similar feature and I understand it very well, but we have to think how the user interface might work and what we might call this feature. Thanks for your feedback.

Meanwhile we have had problems with Android Pie, so we’re having to completely rewrite our app currently before we can continue to add more features. The update should be out in the late summer or early fall. Thanks for your patience and feedback.