Additional Licenses and Install Guidance

I installed the free version of Glasswire on a single local machine. I was pleased with the interface and functionality. I purchased the 10 License Pack (Elite). I remain pleased. Everything is EXACTLY as I would expect. And, the overhead on my servers is negligible.

There are some pretty exceptional implications here for employee use / monitoring / data protection on company-owned information assets.

I would be most pleased to know if I may (at ideally an even steeper discount) purchase 40 to 50 licenses. The end-state would look something like: 1.) Silent install, 2.) Running in the background as a service on company-owned assets , 3.) Remote monitoring at a single console.


Thanks so much for upgrading to Elite!

GlassWire already supports silent install.

We have implemented a silent install option with GlassWire. To run the
installer in silent mode you should use the /S command line argument.
You can also use these other arguments:

  1. /instdir to specify the installation folder (the path should be the last argument and without quotes);
  2. /NOQUICKLAUNCH - disables our quicklaunch shortcut;
  3. /NODESKTOP - disables our desktop shortcut;
  4. /NORUNONSTARTUP - disables our run on startup.Example:
    /S /NOQUICKLAUNCH /NODESKTOP /instdir=c:\Program Files
    (x86)\GlassWire\Test\Silent installation does not run GW after

For 2 we have no plans to make GlassWire hidden at this time. For 3 how do you mean exactly? Did you see our remote monitoring feature or are you talking about something else?


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The remote monitoring is precisely what I’m talking about. It works really well. It really doesn’t matter to me if the application is hidden, per se. I can, with little difficulty, keep users from closing or disabling it.

Please email our business our help email address and I can assist you with any further orders. Thanks!