Administrative account password?

Is it possible to access certain features without the need for an Administrative account password?

I hate to have to create a password for my machine, just to use features within’ your program.

Could you change this?

Go to GlassWire settings/general and uncheck “enable administrator’s account password request”. This should disable it.

When I go there, the following option is grayed out

“Enable Administrator’s account password request”

Right next to it is an unlock icon, when I click that, it requires password input.

If you have no password I think you just press “OK” while leaving the password box blank, then it will remove the admin request from the rest of the UI. Am I incorrect? I haven’t tested without a password so I don’t know.

I tried leaving the password blank and press OK, but still getting the same prompt

We’ll try to figure out a solution for this. Thanks for finding this problem.

Please do this, you might also use the Windows standard pattern for asking for administrative privileges of the current user (dialogue with the small shield). This would be the expected application behaviour.

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Yes please do!
I’d like to be able to access the locked parts but i’m not willing to set up a password for my computer.

We have figured out a solution to this problem and we hope to have an update out soon that solves it.

Hi, I’m having this issue, One machine I have a password set on, the other I do not (and don’t want o at this stage) - I’m getting the prompt for admin password on the machine that does not.
What release/version is the Solution in?
I have 1.0.25b

We’re still working on a fix. Sorry for the delay.