Advanced analytic features disabled - How to tell/undo?

If given a system running 3.3.495, how could one tell if the user disabled the advanced analytic features or not? What to look for in the Settings? Or where?

How does one undo either, that is, revert to full features or change full to disabled?


Two Win10 Pro, one Win10 Home and two Win7 Home systems running 3.2.490 and only the Win10 Home system presented the advanced analytic features option window when running glasswire-setup-3.3.495-full.exe “over” 3.2.490. That’s just my observation and don’t need a related discussion on why that was, unless you want to.

Uncheck or check (depending on your preference) app info and traffic counters under settings > account > permissions. VirusTotal analytics would be another option to check.

Got it. Thanks!

I snagged a screenshot of what mine looks like.

I noticed your Traffic Counter check box is greyed out. I would venture to say it would become active when App Info is checked. Or not.


Correct, I have no need for those features. Ideally gw would give a third option post install/upgrade - don’t change current gw settings.

Hi @rng,

GlassWire settings should remain the same post install/upgrade. i.e. is you have disabled App Inf and Traffic Counters Premissions, these should remain disabled post upgrade. If this is not the case please send logs to so we can investigate.


Ok, I was under the assumption that if I had VirusTotal enabled then it would be disabled post upgrade if I select ‘disable recommended features’ when prompted (or whatever the popup verbiage is - don’t recall since I updated a couple days ago). Would be less confusing if the gw popup had the options to ‘enable recommended features’ or ‘leave settings as is’ post upgrade imo.