After 1.2.64b Installation, Slider Operation Changed


I have just installed Ver. 1.2.64b. With the previous version moving the lower track sliders, for the month setting of the usage tab, simultaneously changed the corresponding date readings at the top.

Now the dates remain fixed until after the slider change is finished. The dates can no longer be used as real-time visual feedback for accurately setting the sliders.

I have tried rebooting to no avail.

I am using the latest Chrome on an Intel Win 8.1 platform.

Thank you.

Are you saying the slider behavior changed for the “Usage” tab sliders or the “Graph” tab sliders?

The realtime update stopped working for the Usage tab sliders.
The moment that the date reading updates is the moment that I release the left mouse button and the thus the slider also. The same effect applies to the righthand (most recent date) slider.

This is something we had to change to decrease resource usage.

We are trying to figure out how to make the “Usage” tab update more frequently without causing problems for BitTorrent users.

When using the sliders to set the two date/time limits at the top, the rest of the data on the screen does not necessarily need to update. In my application I do not need to see all the data of the screen update in “realtime”, I only need to set the time limits accurately.

Only having the date/times change in “realtime” would be one way of limiting resource requirements.

Alternatively the compromise of date/times plus some subset of data that can be updated in realtime without too large a resource demand may suffice for a range of other applications.

Another solution is the option of directly editing the date/times as text, with the sliders following the text. This would allow for greater precision than the sliders can provide.