Alert Dates Question

I wonder why the alert dates of Cyberghost’s first connections -which were on November 18 and 19- appeared between other alerts of this month (February).

On the 18th of November I downloaded it, and on the 19th I installed it. But for some reason the other day I saw those first connection dates appear between other first connection alerts -like a new version of CCleaner and one of Malwarebytes made recently month.


I have noticed some applications randomly access the network, not necessarily when they are installed. I have especially noticed this on Android which is a bit creepy in my opinion.

For example, I had an app I had installed for a long time and it randomly accessed mobile data while I was at a Starbucks. Why? :thinking:

@Lode, you should contact the software developer because they should know what their software is doing.

@Ken_GlassWire, there’s a lot of ways for apps with network/Internet access to trigger access. So it’s possible that it was something unexpected like interaction with Starbucks’ public WiFi network that triggered connection using your mobile data connection. Or it could be due to a glitch or bug. I just had Android update a few of my apps thereby ignoring the setting to only do it over WiFi. I reboot my phone to try to stop it happening again.

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This is what I now think might have happened:
I had recently installed the VirusTotal app in Chrome. So when I got an alert popup from GlassWire for a new connection being made by a new version of software -like Adobe for example- also a popup from VirusTotal appeared. It scans programs on my laptop. So it might have scanned the connections made by Cyberghost in the past. One on the date I downloaded Cyberghost -November 18th- and the second connection made when I installed it, which was on the next day, the 19th.

I’m not sure this is what happened, but otherwise I don’t understand why it would appear on my GlassWire panel of connections made in the middle of other recent connections made in February. Because Cyberghost has not been on my laptop any longer since quite some time.

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