Alerts set up on Android phone is not showing


I am trying to set up the alerts for my mobile plan, 90% and 100% limits.
Once I go into the alerts section and I select the boxes “alert and notification” there are no option to confirm. If I go back to the main screen where are indicated the alers summury ,there is nothing.

Any idea?


Did you set up a data plan yet?

Yes I did, and is showing off and I have been using for a while now (like 1 month).

You don’t need to confirm the alerts.

The alerts will not appear until you have used the correct amount of data for the plan. Have you used the correct amount of data for the plan yet?

If you go to our main graph screen, then tap the top left menu and choose “data plan” does it show your plan is using data?

If you look the screenshot on the top , on the right it says " currently you do not have any alerts. Does it mean that alers are not set up or that the limit has not been reached yet?


It means you have not been sent an alert yet about your plan. The alerts are set up properly.