"Alerts" tab is blank after restart

I have a bunch of history of first activity and application version change listed in the Alerts tab, but then after restarting, they’re gone. Already tried to restart the Glasswire service as well, but the existing list still didn’t appear.

I haven’t heard of this problem before so I can only suggest a complete reinstall of GlassWire. Please uninstall GlassWire, then delete the “GlassWire” folder in the “ProgramData” folder, then reboot and reinstall our latest version.

If the problem is still happening then it could be related to some kind of file cleaner tool that cleans our settings of different applications if maybe you have something like that installed?

Yes, reinstalling can fix this problem. I already experienced this problem before and reinstalling fixed it.
And then…after some time, the problem will appear again. Any “proper” solution to this problem?

This is what happens when I start Glasswire.

Is this screenshot from the reinstall or is this from the previous crash? Can you go to GlassWire’s settings and try clearing your history and see if that helps (only if it’s not critical to keep your history of course).

That is a screenshot from the reinstall. It causes my startup/bootup time to dramatically increase when I include Glasswire in the startup items. I also tried starting Glasswire manually, I excluded it from the startup items, and it still shows that problem.

Yes, I don’t mind clearing the history if that will solve this problem for now.
If clearing the history is the solution, then the unlimited history in the paid versions is not worth it?

For a small percentage of users with intense and complex network activity and PCs with minimal RAM there can be problems. We are currently rewriting how GlassWire handles longer histories to solve this problem permanently and it will be a free upgrade for everyone.

I was curious if clearing your history would solve the problem for you, then we’d have a better idea of what is happening.

I actually have 8 GB RAM.

Okay, so now that the “Alerts” tab is working again, and Glasswire is not having problems on starting the program, do you have an idea of what is happening or what the problem is or what caused the problem?

I checked my ProgramData\Glasswire folder before clearing history, the db file is more than 600 MB. Then after clearing the history, it’s still more than 600 MB in file size.

My theory is that you had some kind of PC Speed Up utility that was cleaning out certain files that GlassWire was using, while GlassWire was still using it. If that’s not the case though I’m not sure what is happening. I have never heard of someone having their alerts go blank before.

This only happens after a restart.

These are the only settings checked on my CCleaner tho.
Does Glasswire use any of these items?

The problem shows after I have quite a lot in my Alerts history.
If there are only few listed, then I restart, the problem will not appear.

Can I assume that by “restart” you mean restarting Glasswire as opposed to restarting the PC (reboot)?

If you mean restarting Glasswire, what exactly do you mean? That is, I can close the Glasswire display window which removes the Glasswire icon from the Taskbar but allows Glasswire to keep running in the background (basically a close window). So are restart there is just a restart of the Glasswire display window.

Alternatively, I can right click on the Glasswire icon on the active programs side of the taskbar which displays “Exit”. Clicking there stops the instance of Glasswire from running requiring a true restart of the application.

I ask, because I have seen issues with the display when I simply restart the window session.

I mean restarting the system.
Then tried to reboot the system again, problem still exist.

Here is a sample scenario:

  1. Reboot Windows.
  2. GlassWire will run as a startup item.
  3. Check the Alerts tab, there is nothing listed even though the past activities should be there (history).
  4. Leave it up for more than 24 hours, still no items appearing.
  5. Restart GlassWire; three items: GlassWire.exe, GWCtlSrv.exe is the service, GWIdlMon.exe is the monitor.
  6. GlassWire will use up around 1,800,000 K RAM.
  7. Leave it for a while, RAM usage will go down.
  8. Bring GlassWire window up, then go to Alerts tab, program will hang up / freeze.
  9. Repeat the cycle, problem still exist.

Temporary Solution:

  1. Clear history.