All connectivity lost to Glasswire remote server

I have been using the paid version of GlassWire for about a month. My primary desktop is set up to also monitor GlassWire on a system I use as a file server.

After upgrading both systems to GlassWire 1.1.41 today, I’ve begun losing connectivity to the file server. For awhile things will be working, but twice now I have initiated a remote desktop connection to the file server and then lost all connectivity (GlassWire on my desktop reports that it has lost the connection to the remote instance, the RDP session is interrupted, and all of my SMB shares from the server are disconnected).

I rebooted and reproduced the same behavior. I then disabled monitoring of the remote server in GlassWire. Now everything is working fine.

I was regularly using RDP sessions and the file shares without any problems for the last month, it’s just become an issue today after my GlassWire upgrade.

Any information would be great, thanks.

I haven’t seen this problem before so I asked our dev team and they had a couple questions for you.

  1. Do you have any antivirus or third party firewalls installed that might block multiple connections from one host for example? If so maybe try disabling it for a minute or so to rule it out if it’s safe to do so in that environment.
  2. If you connect remotely to that server via GlassWire and do not use RDP at that time simultaneously, does GlassWire’s connection work?

I haven’t had a chance to try your first suggestion, because if the problem still triggers it will require rebooting the file server again to restore full functionality. I will try to work this in over the weekend.

With regard to your second question, the GlassWire connection was working, along with mounting the remote shares, until starting the RDP connection.