All new apps "should" be blocked by default

all new unrecognized apps that require a internet connection or just network connection should be auto blocked by the firewall and the UI should show a pop-up window with these options:

  • block - creates a firewall rule and blocks the application for accessing the internet

  • allow - creates a firewall rule that allows all network access

  • block once - for the duration of the app being active, all network access is restricted; but the rule does not get saved once the app is closed; if the app will be opened again, it will be treated as a unrecognized app

  • allow once - same as above ^, but this time the app is allowed to access the internet/network

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Thanks for your feedback. We have this as a paid “ask to connect” feature. We may add “block once” and “allow once” in the future but currently we only have “block” and “allow”.

I see, might switch to the paid version then :wink:

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We’d appreciate the support!

I wish, there where an option for block all new apps silent and autmatic, or that the the ask popup after a time fade out (and of curse block the app).

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please do. this is why i purchased the program. check out “Little Snitch” and make the functionality more like that and I swear you’ll get more users. You might want to create a “profile” set – one more like you have now for “normal” users and one that is more like Little Snitch with hands-on functionality for “Advanced” users. That way, I can set this up for “Mom” and she can use it with no trouble, but I can also switch the profile so that I can use all the functions.

I’m going to be honest with you: i’m really on the fence about whether my purchase was worth it right now.


Our 2.0 update will have profiles. I hope you’ll consider upgrading!

when does that come out?

GlassWire 2.0 will come out early next year.

Hooray! :heart: :tada: :grinning:

It has been a long wait for some of us - it has been more than a year since you first mentioned it. :broken_heart: :weary:

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Yes – but I do think I’ve noticed a lot of new requirements since that first mention.