Alphabetically App sorting gets mixed up after each reboot

Hi whenever I let Glaswire sort the apps alphabetically (via firewall>apps) and reboot all is unsorted again.
Glaswire doesn’t seem to remember the alphabetically order and I have to tell it to sort it again and again and again.
When you got like 20+ allowed apps I want them in a constant order otherwise it gets confusing.
Glaswire 2.2.241, Windows 10 pro 1909

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I apologize for the problem.

I will try to reproduce this, then report it to our team so we can fix it in the next update.

@Ken_GlassWire Since I still got the same “problem” in your newest version you were not able to reproduce it?


A ticket is now open. Thanks for your report.

Since I’m on 2.2.291 now and still have the same problem I just give it a bump.
Windows 10 pro 1909, Version 18363.1316

@Ken_GlassWire 2.2.304 still can’t keep the sorting after a reboot.
Just sort the apps alphabetically A>Z, reboot and all is mixed up again.
Windows 10 20h2 Build 19042.804

Glasswire 2.3.318 still has the same problem for me. No one else has this ?
Windows 10 pro 19042.985

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I will report it, sorry for the issue.