Am I being stupid or is glasswire lacking a important feature?

I first used the free version of glasswire a long time ago, but it’s mostly for the notifications that I used it, the actual firewall was somewhat useless. A few months later I decided to try out the premium version of Windows Firewall Control (WFC) because it had a little more control of the firewall. I was able to see all of my rules, create new ones, based on filters and such, but it still isn’t exactly what I’d expect a firewall to do.

Around a year later, I got ESET nod32 for my Anti-Virus, just to try out, and it’s firewall turned out to be pretty advanced, to the point where I just stopped using everything and stuck with that. It’s still not exactly a very good firewall, and either way, I ended up uninstalling ESET for it’s lack of protection control. Today I fired GlassWire back up to recap what I was disappointed about. Here are a few things I think glasswire needs! and if they are already a thing, please tell me where they are.

  • the firewall cannot block specific IP addresses on a specific program, Obviously this is a biggy, because if my file is infected, I don’t want to shut down the entire process, I’d rather just shut down the issue.
  • Lacks a usability when it comes to creating rules. I’d actually like to create firewall rules, and WFC was handy in that sense, and a reason why I quit Glasswire, but they are both still not exactly powerful firewalls.
    -More Threatening detection, such as ARP attacks, and TCP-ACK. One thing I noticed with ESET, was it’s power to detect many threats, including botnets, and many protocols. It’s such a shame GlassWire lacks all of these amazing features, because the interface is really nice.


Thanks for your feedback.

We’re actively working on IP blocking now. That update will include more advanced rules, but currently we have more simple rules if you look at the middle of the firewall screen area.

Just out of curiosity, can you share how you most use IP blocking and how it’s useful to you? This kind of feedback helps us as we work on this feature.

GlassWire has ARP spoofing detection under settings/security along with a bunch of other network related attack things we look for.