Am I dumb, blind, or both?

I found a topic from 2016 which mentions auto-update coming in a future release (I believe it said 2.0) and after scouring through every menu I can find I do not see anywhere to even “check for newer version” within the app itself? Is it there and I am just missing it somehow? I would be happy with just a new version notification if it wasn’t implemented for some security or code reason. I just happened upon finding out that 2.2 had come out when I finally started to wonder why I was still on my original version.



GlassWire will notify you with new updates. We just haven’t done so in a while.

Then March came and there was a “quarantine” issue. We worried if we notified people to update that it could cause issues for IT people in some organization so we put it off further.

We plan to alert everyone to our latest 2.2 version probably next month. We’re working on a bug fix version right now that we want to release first.


Great thank you for the reply. I thought that I might have been going insane not seeing it (especially due to another recent post that appeared to be stating that something was occurring after “auto update”). I am also glad to know that you guys are holding in through all of this and still managing to sneak some code in. I am sure nobody needs to tell you how much higher the intrusion attempts have become to home networks since COVID hit. I’ve seen more IPV6 traffic in the last 3 weeks bouncing off of my pfSense firewall than in the last several years combined. :frowning: Thanks for being one of the few product dev. teams that has a good balance of style AND function… if I have to keep an eye on it all day I would rather it at least look cool :wink:

Thanks again, will look forward to 2.2, but until then I shall be more diligent about checking now and again!

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