Amalgamated Data

I have just installed GW on a couple of PCs and servers on my home network as I thought it would be a good tool to find where I have lost bandwidth.

I like the way it works and looks, and the ability to remotely monitor is great.

But am I missing something here? Is it possible to amalgamate the data from the remotely monitored devices to get an instant picture of the bandwidth being used? If this is not possible, can it be done - personally, I would not necessarily need anything other than crude totals (In, Out) as by turning monitored devices on/off I could isolate the unit that has issues and then concentrate on it. I would just like to see an simple/crude amalgamated overview

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Thank you for using GlassWire to keep track of your data.

You could use our remote monitoring feature to keep track of data all in one place, although it’s not counted together it’s pretty easy to click the different PCs and add everything up.

Please note we also have an Android app available if it’s helpful for your situation.

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the response.

I think I am using the remote monitoring - the servers are shown down the left hand side, and when each is selected its details and graph are shown on the rest of the window?

That is all great, but if I was to select all/some of the servers and the software calculated the totals in real-time I am sure it would be more accurate than me trying to eyeball it.

Capture just to ensure I am i the right place :slight_smile: - I am very new to this!


Nice screenshot!

Yes, that’s the remote monitoring feature that I mentioned. I’ll let our team know about the idea to count all the data in one place so you don’t have to add it up yourself. Thanks for your feedback.