Analytcis requirement

I have a specific need to be able to count total number of devices that were within wifi range (will not login) & to be able to identify repeat devices that come within range, is that possible? Thanks


What do you mean by “will not login”?

GlassWire can show you what other devices are on your network as long as your network doesn’t have your devices on a guest or separated network where your router blocks them from seeing each other. Our software can also alert you when a new unknown device joins the network, and leave an alert for it, so I guess you could count new devices this way.

Need not login is better usage, I meant detecting devices and identifying repeat presence in range with or without connecting

GlassWire can only see devices that have actually joined the network you are on. It cannot see devices that are around and have not connected.

Thank you for your quick revert. Since devices with wifi on will try to scan and look for networks, I was looking for some way to track and look for repeat visits. See a simple application as a store footfall counter.

Sounds creepy

We have much smaller stores in India so it will be more to count and tra repeats, they really don’t have sections and aisles. Yes this is the use case, can’t be creepy if it’s being done already. Can you help in this or help me connect with someone who can? The tracking is pretty much similar to what Amazon or google or Facebook or any of the ad Networks do on the internet, practically pays for the consumer internet.