Android Client to monitor Windows GlassWire

Will there ever be the option to monitor a Windows device running GlassWire with an android device? :worried:
I cannot believe that I’m the only one that would find that usefull… In fact, I thought that the app in the google play store was doing precisely this, but then I found out that it was only for data tracking and alert :slight_frown:



Originally we thought about making a simple remote control for Android to monitor PCs, but then we decided to do something more advanced and build a full Android app. We plan to link everything together at some point, we’re just figuring out the best way to do so.


I would +1 this. I’m just in the process of learning about your app but would love to be able to monitor my android phones/tablets. Is there a database or datafile that is created? Is there a way to import that? Do you need BETA TESTERS? :wink:

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