Android: On "just Glasswire" and never firewall

Congratulations on the release of GlassWire FireWall for Android. GW doesn’t return in a search on firewall and the name is still Data Usage Monitor. I know you’re busy, but you should hop on updating those (with “no root”) ASAP as an app like this is long overdue. Anyhow…

Under the Read Me in Play Store it reads, “Tap our top left menu and tap ‘Upgrade GlassWire Mobile…’”

Actually one must tap Settings first to get to that.

  1. If I never select the upgrade in Settings, this GlassWire FireWall for Android will be “just GlassWire” (the Useage Monitor) as it’s always been and from now on. Yes? No?

In the main menu there’s a “Firewall” item. I’m not going to upgrade, so…

  1. On selecting Firewall from the main menu, I’m greeted with the app listing and “Tap the ‘OFF’ button above to begin blocking apps.” I’m reluctant to tap that just to see what happens. What does happen? Prompt to upgrade? Nothing (button is dead)?


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For 2) - Never mind. I dusted off an old tablet and it’s prompt to upgrade when tapping OFF. same screen as from Settings.

IMHO, forcing the selection of a payment method to activate the trial probably won’t be met with much enthusiasm.

So far so good on my Galaxy Tab A v7 and Moto X4 v8.1.

Since I used an ancient Google account, I’m unable to explore your trial. Having used firewalls in Android devices, rooted and not, over the past 5-6 years, I would have liked to give yours a look-see.

Still need an answer to 1) though. I know that should be self-evident. But I’ve been fooled too many times by the self-evident…


  1. Yes. We did not remove any functionality from the app. just added new functionality that’s paid.

  2. Is the button still dead on your first device? Can you tap it, then choose “send feedback” so we can investigate and fix this?

I have a Blog post about the update here that will answer more questions.

Thanks, Ken

Oh, and about the “firewall” name… right now data usage people love our app so we’re scared to change the name to firewall. I think not many people actually know firewalls are available on Android or search for it, but a lot of people care about data usage.

We’ll make more modifications over time though as we learn what people want.

Sorry, the way I worded that wasn’t quite clear.

I was speculating the button wouldn’t respond, i.e. dead, as is a practice in programs where some features aren’t active until enabled by purchase. Or deactivated after trial. As it turns out, my first guess, prompt to upgrade, was correct. There’s nothing wrong with the button on either device.

Anyhow, I forgot to mention: Thanks for keeping the monitor version free.

As well, Elite runs without issue on two Window 7 and two 10 systems.

Keep up the great work.

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