Android subscription broken

My subscription on Glasswire on Android has just stopped working.

I’m getting prompted to upgrade when my subscription is still active (it renews in March 2021).

I tried pressing the upgrade option, which opens the Play store pop-up telling me that I’ve already redeemed this item.

Anyone else having this? Even tried reinstalling the app but the problem persists.

I’m using a Pixel 2XL on Android 11.


I apologize for the problem. Did you switch Google accounts somehow? You just need to use the same Google account you paid with in Google Play. We just use Google Play for sales so we’re not really seeing any issues there.
Details on how to pick another Google account are above.
If you’re sure it’s not working please send me your order number. It starts with GPA. I can then refund you and you can re-order if you want.

Is it possible you had our free 30 day trial and it ended, and you never signed up?