Android - VPNs force quit when starting Glasswire Firewall


I have both NordVPN and ExpressVPN installed on my Android device. No matter which I use, the VPN force quits when I start the Glasswire Firewall.

Please advise.




The only way we can block apps with GlassWire is to make a local VPN. Then the Android OS only allows one VPN at a time, so you can’t use ours simultaneously with another unfortunately. We agree it’s frustrating and we wish there was another way.

Meanwhile GlassWire will still monitor the network if another VPN is running of course, this only applies to our firewall.

There is any software available for VPN. I am try install it on my laptop but it giving scripting error. Anyone suggest me what to do and how to correct this error.


You are trying to install GlassWire? What is the exact error you see?