Anti-malware functionality in GW

The Virus Scan function… what a/v engine is being used? Is it only a manual process or is there some automatic detection process happening?

It should use your current installed AV. For example when you download a file with Firefox and you see Firefox scanning the file it does the same thing we do.

Oh OK. So it has no built-in anti-malware functionality of its own.

Go to the top left GlassWire menu and then choose “Settings” then the “Security” tab to review our network related security features. GlassWire isn’t an antivirus and you should always use an antivirus on your computer along with GlassWire. We focus on monitoring and visualizing changes to the network to help catch problems antiviruses can sometimes miss.

Here is a Blog post with an example from a user who caught malware his antivirus missed

Ok. The product looks interesting. It’s on my list of possible software purchases. Keep up the good work.

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