Any way to disable the upgrade to pro notifications?


Is there any way to disable the notifications asking to upgrade Glasswire, it’s a great software but it gets kinda annoying after 50th time while trying to do something else.


@SAmMt - GlassWire 2.0.91 was just released. With this update you can go to the top left GlassWire menu to “Snooze” and no notifications or update messages will appear while gaming, etc…


Is it possible to only snooze the upgrade message that I every day receive? I am surprised that this notification comes since I am a paid user of GlassWire - I am happy with the license I have. I only want to stop this upgrade notification and not just snooze it for 24 hours.



No, you should not have this upgrade notification ever appear more than one time.

We had a very old version of GlassWire that had a bug that caused this. Are you using our old software?

If not please email me and I’ll help you fix it ASAP.


I am using now 2.1.137. I recently upgraded and now, after I rebooted, the upgrade notification stays away. Let’s see for a longer while, I got that notification all the time. Maybe my previous GlassWire was too old (it cannot be older than one year). I let you know when it returns.



Yes, it was a bug with that old version. You should not see it again, but if you do email me and I have another way to fix it.


Hey, so what’s the fix? I get the “Elite upgrade” -notification, almost every time i start my PC if not every time.



Could you message me privately what you’re seeing, or email me with a link to this thread?


How can I send you a message privately? I received a private message from you, but that was sent from a ‘no-reply’ address.

The notification was there again when I started my laptop today.



Please click on my name here, then click “message”.



There is no ‘message’ to click on. I clicked several times on your name with different browsers. Maybe I am just missing it, but also searching for ‘message’ does not help. But why keep it private? I guess there are others interested in how to solve this. And otherwise, maybe you can click on my name and click on ‘message’?



I just sent you a private message. Click the top right icon to see it and respond. Sorry for not sending you a message first instead.