Apology and Man Do I Feel Stupid

Regarding Who the F@@@ is in charge at Glasswire post I owe an apology.

  1. My email asking for help was never sent. Its sitting in the Draft folder on Gmail.
  2. I was able to get the Usage folder(?) to work after all. The problem was I was in Icognito mode.
  3. I checked my billing for last year, the renewal was valid. Although my GW is showing I have 142 days left before renewal.
    I’m sorry for the nasty post without checking things on my end.
    I will say that I did remove the GW program as described, downloaded a new file and installed fresh, but the program still has all my information. I suspect there is something in the registry that doesn’t clear but everything is working now and I will leave well enough alone .
    Have a nice day Ken.

I am glad it is working now. Thanks for your financial support on our security/privacy project! :+1:

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