App NOT being blocked

Cannot understand how this app (iHeart Radio) is able to upload data (on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10) when Glasswire clearly shows it as “blocked”
I haven’t used this app in months because it was such a data hog.

this doesn’t answer your question about glasswire (i don’t use the mobile version)

but if you don’t use an app, best would be to either disable it or uninstall it.

Agreed. Uninstall was the very next thing I did after getting the screen grab.

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Sorry for the issue. Is your firewall set to “on” if you go to our firewall tab? We allow users to block apps, even when the firewall is off. It’s useful because you can block things while not using our firewall.

Ken, I don’t think the firewall was turned on before when this occurred. It is definitely “on” now. Before, I simply used used the blocking feature on that app and a few others. Either way, I found it disturbing to see network activity of 673kb for the app on the same screen shot that reports “network access blocked”. So, being totally new to this program, I could have misunderstood what I was seeing reported by glasswire. I did go ahead and pay for the windows version and turned on subscription through Google playstore for my phone app. The app seems really good, except that one thing with iHeart radio. Thanks.

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Thanks for your feedback, and sorry for the issue.