Application Info Monitor - Great Feature!

Other than the firewall itself, I find this one of the most useful features.

The reason is because the application version change logs allow me to track everything that auto updates on my PC.

This saves me a lot of time searching the Windows Event Viewer if I am trying to track down application changes,

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I agree.

When I first started using GlassWire, most of my programs had no network communication. Now most programs I use are monitored by GlassWire because they now have a network interface to phone home for software activation, upgrades, usage telemetry or problem reporting.

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Thanks @zzz00m

It’s one of my favorite features also!

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This feature continues to be the most useful feature of GlassWire that is not explicitly advertised at It is the one feature that I regularly use - alert notifications are enabled - and it is very useful to see what is going on.

It should be explicitly listed in a fourth aspect of GlassWire rather than just focusing on the privacy, security, and network faces.

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Thanks @Remah.

I think we don’t list it very well because it’s difficult to explain to someone who has never used our software. On the index page we do say “or unusual changes to your apps that could indicate malware” which kind of describes it. For example if your app lost its certificate, or updated in an unusual way.

On our features page GlassWire Network Security Monitor & Firewall Tool Features we say “app info change detection”, but that page has quite a lot of text to read.

I will try to think how we can improve describing this in the future. I always love to see when some app updates secretly in the background. Without GlassWire’s I’d never know it happened.

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You could say that it monitors all version changes for applications that attempt to connect to the network.

Which is just about all applications these days!

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@zzz00m That’s very true that every single app accesses the Internet, including Microsoft’s own photos app! I guess they all have telemetry now… and Android is even worse than Windows!