Application Listed Twice

I ran into a strange issue today with an application being listed twice.

The applications are listed as:
c:\program files\appname\app.exe
c:\\program files\appname\app.exe

The problems that this has caused is that:

  1. One of the apps in the firewall was blocked and the other was not.
  2. All of the traffic recorded (because it was being allowed) was going through the blocked item.

So the block/unblock command does nothing for the item which the traffic is attributed to.
I hope there is some way to fix this without resetting all the logs.

I have not seen this problem besides maybe one other time when we had earlier software versions. Is there a change you made to your computer that could cause two apps to be listed like this? Maybe you moved your files or re-named your drives or something?

My suggestion would be to uninstall GlassWire completely then go to your AppData folder and delete the GlassWire folder, then reboot, then reinstall but of course then you’d lose your data unfortunately.

The files haven’t moved at all, and that drive is unchanged.

I realize that it’s easy enough to fix by clearing all of my data, but that defeats the purpose of using GlassWire to keep a record of all network activity.

I come across this in Windows many times although not so far in GW. In updates to an app where a full re-installation takes place the old one is not always removed completely . Or if removing an app using say-CCleaner it doesnt always remove the lot . I have 2 EXE,s of my browser at the moment along with 1 or 2 other double EXE,s . I can remove them but hesitate on the browser as, like =2 I have data on both. One app that doesnt let me down but tells me ALL the versions of none deleted apps is Everything it is invaluable to me just get it up and input what you want to check and it gives you a list of the nearest spellings or words including the spelling or default you can run down a long list from zero to Z but it takes longer . It was this app that helped me check when a certain well known ---- player kept on re-installing itself , the one that is always hacked and you can go directly into the registry and destroy it. I just noticed on the updated GW there is a new list of “inactive apps” 95 % of them I have removed from my PC

I only recall seeing this problem one other time so I’m not sure what else I can suggest to fix it besides reinstalling. We should add an “Export” feature for graph data in the future that will help with reinstalls. Sorry for this problem.

I have reinstalled several times now and this seems to keep occurring.

It’s now in a state where the application is only being listed once, but the rule is pointing at the file with a double backslash.

GlassWire seems to monitor traffic for the application correctly, but I had to manually add a new Windows Firewall rule to actually let the application connect to the internet.

The broken rule says that it’s listed as a “predefined rule” and cannot be edited. (I was going to point it to the correct location)

If you install the app =Everything then either run down it to check if Windows has one installed version or two of app.exe or input the exact name as shown in the top box it will eliminate whether it is a windows problem or not .Its easy enough to delete an extra exe making sure its not the one in actual use . This can appear in other apps as a double entry. This is a reliable program as long as you download from the app designers website -NOT -CNET/ etc.

  1. Is this application list twice under the firewall tab only? Or it’s also listed twice under the graph\apps tab?
  2. Are there “First network access” notifications for both applications?

Did you change something with your hard drive settings? Changing the drive letter or something like
that for example?

After reinstalling GlassWire (which I have had to do several times now) the application is only being listed once.
However the firewall rule is pointing at “c:\\program files\appname\app.exe” which is obviously invalid and does nothing.

After manually creating a rule for “c:\program files\appname\app.exe” in the Windows Firewall myself, the app has internet connectivity and GlassWire is monitoring its traffic.

However the controls to enable/block access do nothing, since GlassWire is still pointing at “c:\\program files\appname\app.exe”

I don’t have “first network access” notifications enabled.

I haven’t changed drive letters/names, moved files around, updated the application etc.
For some reason GlassWire just started adding an extra \ at the start of the filename.