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Hi! So far I’ve been very happy with GlassWire. It’s almost exactly what I was looking for. However, there’s one feature I’d love to see implemented, and I don’t think it’s unnecessarily complicated.

I’m working with a lot of specialized software. These have a tendency to be composed of multiple programs. It forces me to micro-manage my application list in GlassWire, because I’d like to have these programs enabled only when I’m working with their parent software. So, every time I do, I have to manually enable all the components of the software. Some of them have quite cryptic names, so finding them is cumbersome.

If I’d have an option to group apps, I’d be delighted. Then, working with the software would require me to simply click on the group fire icon to enable it, and later to disable it.

I know it’s semi-achievable with Profiles, but I find them hard to manage too. I don’t get why if I enable an app in my Specialized Software profile it’s automatically enabled in my Default profile. I still have to manually disable it in the latter.



More details on what types of software behave this way (so we can try it) might help us understand the issue better. Thanks for your feedback.

One would be Visual Studio 2019. Right now it’s using these apps:

  • Visual Studio Community 2019 (I don’t even know why it needs this one)
  • Visual Studio Enterprise 2019
  • 3 instances of Microsoft.ServiceHub.Controller
  • 2 of ServiceHub.Host.CLR
  • 2 of ServiceHub.Host.CLR.x64
  • 10 of ServiceHub.Host.CLR.x86 (I have no idea why it needs so many. Thanks to GlassWire I know it uses a lot of them, at least.)
  • 3 of Visual Studio Background Download
  • 3 of Visual Studio Installer
  • vsixinstaller.exe
  • vs_installershell.exe

It’s really tiring managing all of these, especially because their names vary so much. They also limit the apps list readability.

Another one would be VMware Workstation. It’s a little bit more decent, because it uses only 4 apps. All of them have VMware in their names.

I’m scared of installing Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. I’ll be needing these, unfortunately.

Even some games behave this way. League of Legends uses 3 apps called League of Legends, and 3 apps called RiotClientSomething.

Not that specialized apps, like Discord: Discord, discordhookhelper.exe, discordhookhelper64.exe, and Update. I have to remember about the last one, because it’s not findable by a discord search text.

Visual Studio is absolutely the worst, I know. The rest is not that much better. If I had groups, instead of managing 41 (I counted) apps I’d have to manage only 4 groups. What a bliss.

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